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March 13, 2011


  Why viggy.com
Welcome to this unique resource center. As you navigate, you will realize the uniqueness of this site. You will find thousands of sites on technology, music, art, culture, people, life style, sports/games and many more. But it's hard to find all of them together. That was until now… You are just a mouse click away… Get latest to hottest filmy news, listen to Film Songs to Devotional Songs (Kannada), lots and lots of fun stuff including games, jokes, screen savers, wallpapers, greatest collection of useful links and so much more...
  Our Vision
We have started this cyber home with a big dream of making it a world class resource center... Having more than 50,000 unique visitors to my personal home page we decided to bring much more information than what I could with personal home page. Those incredible responses and feedback we received from all you visitors motivated us to take this next step of enhancement and hence bring information at your fingertips. We are confident enough to take this site beyond your expectation with your continued support and valuable feedback...
  Brain behind viggy.com
Roopa and me always had the dream of creating something original and hovel still interesting and professional. In today's mission critical life style people hardly find time to read newspapers and magazines. What everyone look at is the feasibility to get the information at their convenience. Keeping this in mind, we looked into many ignored areas including our own film industry. We realized the need for such platform to showcase the happening around us and share the information and views that are close to our heart... to share our vision and ideas with people of similar taste and wavelength... And to let the world know a little bit more about our existence. We could come so far because of the continued support from everyone of you and our well-wishers, contributors and advisers from the industry. All with one goal - 'together will make it'.

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  Your site is "Sakkathh"... good work. I liked this site... Is well organized... Kannadiganaagi edannu nodalu tummba hemme aaguthhide.  
  - Arvind Murthy (INDIA/USA)  

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