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Different people will have different taste. If one person like glamour, the other may prefer art... someone else may want like nature and culture !!!. So the taste varies from person to person. We are making an attempt to fulfill everyone's preference. Be it a film theme or hi-tech 3D, beautiful nature or our own Bangalore... You decide what you want and we provide that here. Feel free to download any of the following screen savers for FREE. All these screen savers are developed by us and are copyright protected.

We realize that everyone wants to have their own identity and uniqueness whether in their lifestyle or their workstation... Even their desktops!!! So if you want to have your own screen savers with custom message, photos, art and so on, for yourself or your loved one, feel free to get in touch with us. We will help you get there...



Download (with Music)

Download (an exclusive 3D screen savers)

Download 3600 Panoramic view of Lalbhag - a closer look at our own garden city.

Download 3600 Panoramic view of Vidhansoudha and High Court.

Download (3D Dragon screen savers)

Download 3600 rotating clock while your favorite stars are displayed on your screen.

Download Dynamic calendar with your favorite film starts to decorate your desktop. You should see to enjoy this.
More to come soon...

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  What a wonderful place to be! How about having some space for Karnataka and its glory? This might be a topic to build upon. I am sure, if you decide "yes" to it, you can make it best source for all those information!  
  - Deepak (USA)  

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