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March 13, 2011


  Bhavana to act with Big B in Hindi

BhavanaIf you look at the number of migrant actresses to Kannada, you wont be surprised by the declined encouragement to local talents by our film industry. There are just a handful of filmmakers who look at it seriously! Brain drain applies here too. Almost all talented heroines here are looking for opportunities outside due to lack of support locally. Unlike Rakshita, Ramya and Radhika who are in demand in South, Bhavana looked at Bollywood instead. Two state awards and the recent 'Shanthi' (recognized by UN) are the example of versatility of this talented actress who looked beyond glam doll roles. After not so highflying career here, she moved to Mumbai in search of good opportunities a year back. Though was not an easy sailing, her persistent determination to establish herself in Hindi movies has finally resulted in something good. She gets a chance to prove her mettle in an ABCL Productions. Bhavana aka Nandini should feel proud for getting her debut Hindi assignment to act with legendary Amitabh Bachan. She plays the role of big B's daughter in this joint production of ABCL and Ramsey. Directed by Rajkumar Santhoshi and titled 'Family', the film also stars Ramsey's son Aryan and Akshay Kumar in the lead.

Lets wish Nandini aka Bhavana good luck in her new Bollywood career. .

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