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March 13, 2011


  Is Sudeep's 'Vamshi ACP' a remake?

A successful actor aiming to direct a film is not unusual. There are many actors and actresses who have said that they want to direct a film in the future and some are nesting stories too. Sudeep is one such talented and successful young hero who wants to go beyond acting. But since it was not much spoken about, people thought Sudeep may venture into this new domain a few years down the line. But the advertisement of Vamshi ACP released on his birthday raised curiosity among many!

Talking to media at the film set of 'Maharaja', Sudeep reveled that 'Vamshi ACP' will be his debut directorial venture produced under his home banner Kicha Creations. Film production is not new to him however. He handled all his films under Sarovara Productions! Himself being an actor, Sudeep knows the pain points of local talents and hence this production banner of his will not be restricted for his own films but will shed light on new talents with good flair of acting. He intends to produce small budget films with such star cast and aiming to spread the wings to small screens as well. Soon after finishing his current projects, Sudeep will be busy with his new venture. Him being very particular about the locations and characters, his debut venture Vamshi ACP is expected to initiate in December and he wants to appear in front of media with substantial results not just words! He is planning to shot the forest scenes in Srilanka.

"There is nothing wrong with remake films" says Sudeep. Added to his statement is the advertisement by Kicha Productions saying they owns the Kannada remake rights of Tamil hit 'Kaka Kaka'! So its an obvious guess that Vamshi ACP is remake of Kaka Kaka. But will Sudeep start his career in direction with a remake is still remaining unclear.

This compulsive young man has many plans and ideas in his bucket. He intent to have the entire production unit of his own under one roof. Ravichandran is one such successful technician to have similar setup who also ventured into almost all departments of filmmaking from production, direction to even music direction along with acting. "Ravichandran is a model person for many" says Sudeep. The way Ravichandran showed a different world of creative possibilities, lets hope Sudeep will be yet another trendsetter of today's generation. We at viggy.com wish Sudeep all the very best in his new venture.

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