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March 13, 2011

Shivamani in Khaki
  Khaki - film review

Devaraj in KhakiThere is no scarcity for remake films in Kannada. Some people say it's a remake and then produce; some do it without saying it! Khaki belongs to the second type. Producer cum director cum actor Shivamani knows the gimmicks of film industry very well and since from the inception, he portrayed his film Khaki as a film based on brigand Veerappan. Of course, this film starts with Malemahadeshwara and Palan forest, which are territories of Veerappan. And even the entry of Veerappan makes you think what the director said is right. But in no time Devaraj comes on the screen in police inspector uniform who was in disguise as Veerappan to nab his gang. Then onwards, this reflects 'Andha Yudh' - a Hindi film produced way back in 1988.

Andha Yudh starring Nana Patekar, Raj Babbar and Pallavi Joshi is the story of two likeminded men but in opposite direction. Devaraj, Shivamani and Rashmi Kulakarni play the roles of the later respectively. However, Shivamani give a new look and polish to his version making it a worth watching movie.

While Dinakar (Devaraj), a police inspector who tries to straighten the society through his uniform, Shivamani is a gunman who tries to punish the culprits. Both think, they are right in their point of view. Dinakar after killing Shivamani realizes his motive behind
his activities and completes the task that Shivamani intended to do.

Though we can't compare anyone with Nana Patekar or Raj Babbar, in Khaki, all have given justice to their characters -
Shivamani in Khakibe it the roaring Devaraj or furious Shivamani, its impressive watching them in action. Shivamani has come a long way compared to his earlier film Love You. He shines not only in acting but also in direction. Dialogs play a major role in the film as there are no songs or a heroine to dance with! Credit goes to K. Nanjunda. Film retains its speed throughout and background music by Rajesh Ramanath helps in creating adequate mood. Though is run of the mill story, the specialty goes in terms of fast paced and unconventional presentation. Watch it - is worth your bucks.

Direction: Shivamani
Producer: Shivamani
Music: Rajesh Ramanath
Cinematography: Mathew Rajan
Cast: Shivamani, Devaraj, Sharath Lohitashwa, Rashmi Kulakarni, Sudharani, Ramesh Bhat, Vadiraj, Sathya etc

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