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March 13, 2011

Rambha and Ravichandran in film Sahukara
  Sahukara - film review

Often we hear people saying our films should compete with other language films. Though is a remake (of Tamil film Mutthu), producer Manju has made an effort to make his latest movie Sahukara look 'rich' in all aspects. Credit goes to director Om Prakash Rao for handling this multi-starrer movie and a balanced presentation. Though is not an unusual story, it has everything to be a family entertainer.

Ravichandran in film SahukaraFilm revolves around a Samaritan Sahukara (Shashikumar) and his servant Mutthu (Ravichandran). Sahukara's uncle Benkiyappa (Rangayana Raghu) wants him to marry his daughter so that Sahukara's property comes under his control. But he falls in love with a drama actress (Rambha) who actually loves Mutthu. As a result Mutthu is thrown out of the house. The real story starts revealing then onwards.

Vishnuvardhan who appears for a short interval is the biggest plus of the movie. Though his presence is short, his role haunts you even after coming out from the theater! Unlike any of his earlier movies, here he appears like a sparkle and disappears with the same speed. Your eyes will still be searching for that mesmerizing character. Ravichandran has done his usual best though is not too different from his earlier films. So are Shashikumar and Anu Prabhakar. Rambha looks gorgeous and pairs well with Ravichandran. Her drawback is dubbing though. It should have been someone better who lent voice for Rambha. Rangayana Raghu and Dharma shine in negative roles.

Vishnuvardhan in film SahukaraDirector Om Prakash Rao followed the footsteps of the original movie track. Malayalam and Telugu dialogs in-between brings a lot of humors though all cant follow what they say… But since they are situational comedies, you need not know the language to laugh! Sitaram has captured some exotic locations of Kerala. Music by Rajesh Ramanath has nothing notable since they are replica of original tunes. Another plus of the films is its quality. Producer has spent without cutting corners to make every frame look rich - be it the costumes or the sets. A chariot-chasing scene is a change for people who are bored of seeing the same old car and bike chases! In a nutshell, Sahukara is a complete family package filled with action, sentiment, love and comedy.

Direction: N. Om Prakash Rao
Producer: K. Manju
Music: Rajesh Ramanath
Cinematography: Sitaram
Cast: Vishnuvardhan, Ravichandran, Shashikumar, Rambha, Anu Prabhakar, Sumitra, Rangayana Raghu, Dharma, Vijaysarathi, Tennis Krishna, Honnavalli Krishna, Ramesh Bhat etc

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