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March 13, 2011

Sunil Rao and Richa Pallod in film Chappale
  'Chappale' to welcome New Year!

Sunil Rao and Richa Pallod in film ChappaleThe year is ending. Coming Friday being the last day of the year, film releasing on that day will be the last film of the year. And this year, its 'Chappale' that is hitting the screen on December 31.

Winning is a drug. Once you have experienced it you cannot do without it. N.M. Suresh is an apt example for this. This brave businessman's ambition was to churn out yet another block blockbuster like his debut venture 'Excuse Me' and he foresees all the elements in Chappale to become a successful film directed by Naganna.

Many filmmakers make film from the head but tend to forget the heart keeping only commercial aspects in mind. Often sex, vulgarity, and silly comedy are added to the flicks as selling points. Contrast to this, Chappale last week received a clean 'U' certificate apart from being praised by the censor board members for making a neat film. "They were surprised to see a clean entertainer like Chappale; that too it being a college subject" admitted the producer Suresh. "Looking at the quality of this film, they compared my banner with Rajashree Combines of Bollywood" he added. He firmly says, there is no room for vulgarity and double meaning dialogs in his productions.

N.M. SureshN.M. Suresh's earlier movie 'Excuse Me' had marked 250 days in Bangalore's one of the prominent theater Kapali and hence, he is releasing 'Chappale' too in Kapali. Chappale directed by Naganna has Sunil Rao, Richa Pallod, Ajay, Doddanna, Jai Jagadish, Sihi Kahi Chandru, V. Manohar etc among the star cast. R.P. Patnayak has scored the music for lyrics penned by Kaviraj. Lets hope this well appreciated movie sees the same reaction from filmgoers too.

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