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March 13, 2011

Mayur and Tanu Roy in Love Story
  Laila and Majnu wanted!

Madan Patel Gaining and losing are part of tinseltown. It's nothing less than gambling for many! There are plenty of instances where producers coming back to production despite of losing crores together! It's the hope that brings them back! If you lose, you'd want to regain it. If you win, you want to continue. It's the human mind. Dwarakish is a live example in the recent past! And Madan Patel (Madan Mallu) is no exception. He tried his hands in production and direction apart from acting. But failure is what he saw in most of them. His latest production 'Love Story' for his son Mayur Patel is his ambitious project that is scheduled to release by end of July or early August this year. In the meantime, his next production 'Laila Oh Laila' is getting ready for a jumpstart. He is producing this film with direction, story, screenplay and music!

Madan Patel has come back to direction almost after ten years. He is search of 'fresh' talents to play the lead roles. When asked 'why not your son?' he says, "I'm looking for talented youngsters who are not branded for any specific type roles". Hero of this film is a photographer and the heroine is a model. So here is a chance for interested people try their luck. And best of all, this movie will be produced in Kannada and Tamil simultaneously. Song recording for 'Laila Oh Laila' will commence from end of this week (1st July). Interested people can also send their details and photographs to viggy.com
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