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March 13, 2011

Daisy Bhopanna and actor Sudeep during Ranga SSLC film launch
  Sudeep in 'Ranga SSLC'

Film receiving praises from all over, Sudeep's latest film Swathi Mutthu is seeing good response. Soon after this, Sudeep reopened the chapter of his new film Ranga SSLC. Though the title sounds very much similar to that of Ramya, Sudeep and Daisy BhopannaMunna Bhai MBSS (starring Sanjay Dutt), Ranga SSLC is neither a remake nor an inspiration of Munna Bhai. This project was announced almost 5 months back. N. Kumar is producing Ranga SSLC under the direction of Yogaraj Bhat of Mani fame while Soory who was the dialogue writer for Mani has written dialogues here too. Sudeep had several long discussions with the director before hitting the floors and prepared a well-defined project plan. Ranga SSLC was formally launched on last Friday at Hotel Sarovar.

Sudeep met Yogaraj Bhat during Mani film rerecording. He was impressed by Bhat's work and that day itself he decided to work with Yogaraj. Stumbled Mani hurt the director badly but that did not impact the decision of Sudeep. Looking at Mani's response, producer Kumar obviously shaky about Yogaraj Bhat's direction for Ranga SSLC. But Sudeep was firm -- he agreed to take risk on his shoulder and convinced the producer to move with the same troupe for this project.

There are many specialties in the film according to the director.
Director Yogaraj BhatCharacterization of the lead role is the main attraction he says. His behavior, his language and the way he presents himself will be very unique. Writer Soory has penned the dialogues that are apt for hero's characteristics. They are going to present a new version of Kannada language which will entertain the viewers of all class explains Yogaraj Bhat. Sandeep Chawta's music is yet another attraction of the film.

Sudeep has not signed up for this project to harp on big success after Swathi Mutthu. He did a lot of homework with Yogaraj Bhat and Soory. The team wants perfection in every frame. According to him, Ranga will be a 100% entertainer with 80% humor and 20% sentiment. Sudeep's Swathi Mutthu has proved his ability is sentiment and emotional roles. He is confident about Yogaraj Bhat and Soory. "Both of them will make wonders in this film" Sudeep added.

Ranga has two female leads - Ramya of Abhi and Daisy Bhopanna of Bimba. It was a pleasant offer for Ramya who wanted to act with Sudeep from long time. It's not because he is handsome but is a good actor she says. She has
Producer N. Kumargot a strong role here. Daisy's earlier film Bimba (directed by Kavitha Lankesh) was an art film and this will be her first Kannada commercial movie.

N. Kumar has produced 22 films as an independent producer. Ranga SSLC is his 23rd movie and coincidentally he launched it on Jan 23rd and is scheduled to hit the screen on April 23rd after SSLC board exams! So stay tuned to see SSLC result of Ranga on big screen.

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