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March 13, 2011

Dilip and Dattanna in film Joke Falls
  Joke Falls - film review

Neeta and Ramesh in film Joke FallsOh! What a movie that was… Director Ashok Patil got the complete grip of success formula in Joke Falls that is an apt title for this hilarious extravaganza. When his debut film Shapa bombed in the box office, he did a thorough postmortem to analyze the cause for failure and the result is Joke Falls that takes you to a different world of laughter. Based on yesteryear super hit Hindi flick Chupke Chupke, this movie comes with adequate changes and contemporary touch. Like Jog Falls that roars in some seasons and flows silently in some, Joke Falls too flows with variations! The movie has taken the fullest advantage of mistaken identity to make you laugh the roof off.

The story revolves around embarrassing and comical situations created by a botany lecturer to camouflage his identity. Ananth Patil (Ramesh), a botany lecturer wants teach his wife Sulekha's (Neetha)
brother-in-law Raghavendra Joshi (Dattanna) a lesson who thinks a lecturer is inferior in status. AndDilip and Dattanna in film Joke Falls hence, Ananth Patil joins them as a chauffeur by name Priyathama (lover). Can you imagine the whole world calling him 'Priyathama' including the owner's wife! The comic episodes he nests with pure Kannada vocabulary creates laugh riots all the way. He proves English is an unscientific language and goes on giving examples of several words that make you laugh the roof off. Raghavendra Joshi who is not aware of the disguising drama finds the romance between the car driver 'Priyathama' and Sulekha irritating but in helpless situation! When Ananth Patil's friend Dilip enters saying he is Ananth Patil it further boosts the confusion among the characters. But as audience, you know the facts! It will be your turn to laugh at their confusion! The story goes on to show how they all together teach a lesson to Raghavendra Joshi. There are many other small but impressive characters that add dimension to the flow of the movie - be it the maid, or the don.

Ramesh and Dattanna in film Joke FallsIt's an effortless task for Ramesh Aravind who has given a magnificent performance. One can feel his mastery in handling such roles. So is Dattanna who is an awesome actor for any kind of roles. Heroine Neetha has done an outstanding performance and she is an apt fit for that role. Added to the list are Sudha Belavadi, Sharan and Kashi. Drawbacks of the film are Dilip and Dipali who are not at all fit for their roles. Then comes Dilip's lip-synching which is so very evident. If you can forgive those, its laughter laughter and laughter all the way! For you to take a break from nonstop laughing, Mano Murthy has given good musical tunes. Ashok Kashyap has done a neat job behind the camera.

Direction: Ashok Patil
Producer: Atlanta Nagendra
Music: Mano Murthy
Cinematography: Ashok Kashyap
Cast: Ramesh, Neeta, Dattanna, Deepali, Dilip, Sharan, Sudha Belavadi, Nagashekhar etc

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