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March 13, 2011


  IAS officer Shivaram moves court!

Shivaram On 8th of March Karnataka government has passed an order prohibiting government servants from acting in films, tele serials and other activities related to these fields. This has affected IAS officer and actor Shivaram badly. Currently he is acting in new film Takat and the order passed by the government is forcing him to stop that movie which is not possible for him. Yesterday he challenged the government decision by producing a writ petition before the High Court. When the government is allowing actors to enter politics why it is holding back government officers to enter film industry is Shivaram's question.

People like Lokesh, C.R. Simha and B.C. Patil were government employees and were acting too. But they all have discontinued their government service. B.C. Patil who was a police officer tried to balance both real life and reel life together for quite some time. In between he went on long leave for almost two years to act in films! At last when the situation forced him to choose between the two, he opted for glamour world and turned into a full time actor. But Shivaram is not ready to leave neither his job or film industry. With this move, his film career will be decided in the court!

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