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March 13, 2011


  Rangapravesham by Parimala Ravindra

Parimala Ravindra In general, it is a perception that people staying abroad have adapted the foreign culture and lifestyle in their day-to-day activities leaving behind the glorious tradition and culture of our motherland. That is because most of time, people don't find time for anything else due to their hectic work schedules, lack of adequate resources, encouraging atmosphere to pursue beyond their routine and so on. But here is an exception in the form of Parimala who hails from Bangalore but now settled in USA We happened to witness her astonishing 'rangapravesham' performance last Friday at ADA Rangamandhira, Bangalore. One could see the bright stars glittering her way moving forward. Here is a brief info about Parimala -

Parimala was initiated into the ancient art form of "Bharathanatyam" dance at the tender age of six years, under the tutelage of Guru Smt. Sunanda Devi. Parimala hails from family having arctic background. Parimala is rigorously practicing this ancient art from past ten years under the able guidance of her guru and constant encouragement from her parents. She began to blossom into a promising dancer. Parimala's penchant and passion towards Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi dance forms was very intense. She relentlessly practiced this dance form in USA from past two years and her husband Sri Ravindra's constant support made her to come back to her motherland India for the purpose of performing "Rangapravesham" in front of all art lovers.

Parimala has taken part in several dance ballets conducted by her guru and also has given solo performances in many cities of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Texas, Georgia USA. Her excellent grasping over Nrutya and her defined Abhinaya has been well appreciated by dance critics and art connoisseurs. She has won several laurels both in India and abroad. Also she has successfully completed Seniour examination in Bharathanatyam and junior examination in Kuchipudi conducted by Government of Karnataka. This is one more feather into her cap. The above mentioned facts proves beyond doubt that she is talented and gifted artiste. She feels very much proud to be a student and relative of Karnataka Kalasree Guru Smt. Sunanda Devi.

Parimala had her primary, secondary and higher education at Bangalore. She has completed her diploma in electronics and communication also recently. She has appeared for entrance examination to join Dental Hygienist School in University of Houston, Texas. Presently she is working in a reputed bank there. It is very much clear that her Academic pursuits have not been hampered or wavered one bit either way. With the encouragement of her husband Ravindra, blessings of her parents, in-laws, relatives and more in particular her beloved guru Smt Sunanda, Parimala is looking forward to a successful and fruitful career.

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